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The Nashville Freedom School Partnership© helps elevate the reading abilities, sense of personal and cultural pride, and community involvement among children and youth in grades K-12. Developed by the Children’s Defense Fund, our summer academies and after-school programming are specially designed for at-risk families of color. Tuition, curriculum, books, and meals are free for families.

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Our Mission Statement

The Nashville Freedom School Partnership unites community partners and young-adult mentors to teach literacy and life skills that instill cultural pride, self-assurance, and active citizenship among marginalized children and youth of color to disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline.

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We encourage everyone to visit our Start Here page. Whether this is the first time you’re visiting our website — welcome! — or you need a refresher. We explain who we are, what we do, and most importantly, why we do it.

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Eager to get a sense for how we run things? Visit our Explore page. We’ll show you a typical day at Nashville Freedom Schools©, preview some of our curricula, and discuss our student evaluation process.

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Want to get involved in Nashville Freedom Schools©? Great! We welcome adult volunteers from all ages and experiences. Learn how you can help the next generation claim their talent and greatness. Visit our Volunteer page to learn more.

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Nashville Freedom Schools© is a nonprofit organization, and we charge no tuition for families who need us. We depend on donors like you to help boost literacy and self-respect in our scholars. Visit our Donate page to learn how you can contribute, help raise awareness, and support our mission.

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Your contribution will help keep Nashville Freedom School Partnership© alive and thriving, and ensure we can continue to provide essential summer programming for Nashville's next generation!

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